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50 Shades of Love is a collection of mini meditations to help you know the depth, breadth and heighth of God’s love for you. You are the apple of His eye!

Linda Irene is the author of:

*Abused No More – A book of positive affirmations and Bible promises especially for the abused.   Also an Audiobook

*Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused? A Memoir and Roadmap to Healing

*Love Letters from the Heart of God – A collection of letters as written from God to us.

New Five-Star Review

A memoir, journey through abuse; God’s provision and miracles along the way.

Has God Said Thou Shalt Stay Abused?

New five-star review October 9, 2015 By Peggy L. Collins

Not only is this a story of overcoming a very difficult situation where she feared for her life, but how God worked through her to tell her story to help others. Linda Irene has provided some intense research about abusive behavior, and offered some well-founded resources to assist those in need.


What Color are You?

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Happy Labor Day

labor day

Thought for Today

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself,

Humility is thinking of yourself less.”     –C.S. Lewis

Random Act of Kindness clerk bends down to tie an elderly customer’s shoe.

Random Act of Kindness Beyond the Call of Duty

Police Officer handcuffed himself to girl on ledge to keep her from jumping.


An Evening with Lyle Lovett

lyle lovett Thursday, August 20, 2015, an evening to remember. Lyle and His Large Bandlyle and bandappeared at the Thrasher-Horne Theatre in Orange Park, FL.

He gave a non-stop, entertaining, enthralling performance. He connected with the audience not only with his musical talent, but also had the them laughing wiith his humorous stories.

The audience responded to him and his band by clapping to the beat, hooting and hollering and rounds of standing O’s.

Lovett, a Texas nthrasher horneative, was born November 1, 1957. He and his band perform a wide genre of music including, bluegrass, western swing, country and Americana, which includes an ecclectic arrary of rhythm and blues, folk, country, rock and roll and blues.

Insturments I counted in his large band ithat I could see, ncluded: two drum sets, bass, fiddle, piano, what appeared to be a zither, guitars, cello and electric guitar.

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99c SALE Starts Thursday, July 9

E-book – available on AMAZON




Also available in print at:

Letters as written from God to you for hope & encouragement

Letters as written from God to you for hope & encouragement

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