Chapter 6 – Program Planning

1.  A PR program plan utilizes eight elements that identify what needs  to be accomplished and outlines the steps and considerations used to get there.  It is the written presentation of the research findings, given to the client for their approval.

2.  A Gantt chart is used as a visual aid for timelines; popular for scheduling purposes it shows columns and bar graphs of  each activity and the projected timeline; easily formatted in a MS Excel spreadsheet.

3.  With a $200,000 budget, Sunkist got extensive media coverage for their ‘Take a Stand’ campaign, which generated $800,000 for charity and increased their sales by 38%.  Part of their objective was to revitalize their market, beat out their competition and increase their lemon sales by 10%. Their page view also increased–200%.  The Sunkist campaign is an example of how the 8 program plan elements were utilized.   A win/win situation.

* all reading notes references are from Public Relations Strategies and Tactics, 9th edition.


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