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Founded in 1991, Vocus began providing database services for PR professionals in 1997. They went public in 2005. Their clients are mainly PR people within organizations but they have some agency clients. They added functionality over the years beginning with CRM capabilities, then collaboration, and now social media monitoring to go with their traditional media monitoring.

The Vocus suite now provides all the tools to help an internal PR person carry out their job. Tabs on the home page include media contacts, media outlets, distribution, news, projects, analysis and administration. The dashboard can be customized with drag and drop capabilities to add and arrange components. As we went through a demo it became clear than a lot of the value comes from their content, as well as the software features. For example, they offer 270,000 US media contacts and 500,000 on a global basis. Vocus has a research team of about 75 people constantly updating their PR content.  Individual users can also update these resources and chose to share them with other users. Vocus then validates any of these additions. There is also an opportunities database for awards, events, etc. for the year with more than 12,500 entries covering 194 countries and 365 days.

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