Advertising Age – The PR Factor October 28, 2009 – Page S12-S13

Roxanne Taylor, chief marketing and communications officer of Accenture, says in her straight-forward style, that she is a firm believer that authentic communication, done in a full and compelling manner without hype or spin is the best policy.

Taylor states “As communicators, we must engage both clients and employees seriously, intelligently and honestly. Regardless of what it is called, that is the kind of communication in which I think we can all believe.

Jeffrey Hayzlett, vice president and CMO of Eastman Kodak Co. believes social media has changed the landscape of public relations. “Running my own public relations firm helped me understand and champion PR’s role in marketing. Companies need to be straight-shooters and considerate of what people really want.”

Each of these public relations professionals exhibits the kinds of open, honest and straight-forward attitudes and policies that I aspire to and would hope to be in partnership with, as an employee.  I believe it takes integrity, some grit and commitment to high moral and ethical standards, not to compromise your principles in the face of temptation–in whatever form they may present themselves, to present the public with compelling and truthful communication, at all times.  

Source: Advertising Age – The PR Factor October 28, 2009 – Page S12-S13.


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