Chapters 7 & 8


There are multiple  forms of communication from news releases and webcasts to word of mouth.

The goals of good communication is to:

  • inform
  • persuade
  • motivate 
  • achieve mutual understanding

Effective communicators must have a basic knowledge of:

  • what constitutes communication
  • how people receive messages
  • how people process information and change perceptions
  • what kinds of media and communication are appropriate for a particular message

Important things to remember:

  • Good communication is a balanced two-way dialog between the sender and the receiver.
  • Visual aids improve the receivers ability to retain the message.
  • Only 11% of learning is accomplished through hearing; 83% through sight; combined retention increases 50%.

Writing for Clarity

  • match the message to the audience
  • use symbols, acronyms and slogans
  • – symbols should be unique, memorable, appropriate
  • -acronyms – (eg. NOW-national organization for women)
  • -slogan – (eg. ‘Don’t leave home without it’ – American Express)


  • jargon  – jargon interferes with the message making it difficult to understand.
  • clichés and hype – be honest and accurate with descriptions.
  • euphemisms – do not use words that are misleading, that hide information or are offensive.

Chapter 8 – Evaluation

  • Evaluation is the measurement of results against objectives
  • Objectives clearly establish set measurable criteria
  • Measurement – (eg. ROI – return on investment
  • – if an organization spends $500, on a campaign that generates a $20 million increase in sales, the ROI is forty times the cost.)

Source: Public Relations Strategies and Tactics,

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