Week #4 – Kneale Mann Interview

My recent preview of Kneale Mann’s interview with Barbara Nixon (www.publicrelationsmatters.com) revealed an energetic, marketing and media strategist, who spoke confidently and honestly about his  current work and past successes (and failures). Mann explains that he runs in two circles; the public and private sectors.  His work in the public sector includes government work and not-for-profit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity. His goal is to help excel marketing principles within these two groups.

In the private sector, he works from within his own company, ”YouIntegrate’.  He notes a few differences between the two sectors. He is able to do more overall business strategy work with small companies in the private sector.  Within the public sector he does more marketing and social media strategizing.  Some examples he gave were:

  • Creating rules of engagement.  eg. A question posed to him: ‘What can I do if I want a Facebook profile, but I work for a well-known company?  His response:  You are always on record, and you represent the company. (Notice that he did not say yes or no; but more or less said to be careful and mindful of the fact that your posts are public and could affect your company and your position within that company. (my interpretation).
  • Writing codes of ethics.
  • Developing social media policies.

Mann is a former newspaper columnist who wrote a column for the home section of a newspaper chain, called Space Odysseys, about space and how we use it.  Prior to that he was in radio for 23 years.

Mann started blogging after being chided into it after attending, what he terms a ‘geek dinner’ with his associates. His first blog was entitled: “I am a Geek. I admit it.” He goes on to say that he had no idea what he would write about, but he knew that if he got started, he would figure it out as he went, which is exactly what he did–successfully.  And now he advises others to do the same.

“Just start writing” he states. “My best advice is to just write and keep writing.”  Mann recommends that you find something of interest, something that you are passionate about and write about that.  For him it is strategy, communication, social media and marketing media.  He also suggests following the posts of Todd Defren and Ted Taylor, among others.

You can follow Kneale at http://onemann.blogspot.com


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