Floridians have anwers to BPs problems

It seems as though BP isn’t working fast enough to solve the oil spill problem, and is not listening to the 36,000 suggestions Florida residents have offered BP–without response.  The oil spill is now considered “the nation’s worst environmental disaster” as it continues to spill into the waters.  http://www.wtsp.com/video/default.aspx?bctid=89395844001

One Florida resident, Ron Mowrey, says his company sell a natural product called Bio-Matrix, made of peat moss roots, which is an absorptive product, which he believes would be effective in solving the problem without delay.  As he stands by, waiting for a response from BP, the oil continues to pour out into the waters, causing damage to the environment, wildlife and natural habitats, not to mention the contamination that will continue long after the spill is contained.

Where are BP’s PR reps? Burying your head in the sand or sitting in think tanks is not getting the job done. 

The publics need to hear what is being done to correct this situation, how long  before it will be resolved, and why they have not been successful thus far. Communicate, communicate, communicate…

Sources:  www.wtsp.com


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  1. Kison15 PRCA-2330
    Jun 25, 2010 @ 19:26:40

    There are a great number of bio engineers that have been searching for quasi-natural solutions to several environmental issues that plague the globe. In an environmental biology course I took, the professor discussed how scientists were splicing gene segments to give a plant preferable attributes. The Flavor Saver Tomatoe was the first, but there are several examples. One of them, purportedly this moss (which is capable of surviving on the ocean floor) has been given absorbent properties.

    While the moss might be the answer to the cleanup in the Atlantic, it is not going to stop the oil from flowing freely. Also, since BP has failed to educate the public about their actions, one can only assume they are looking for the cheapest possible solution. Hopefully we will avert our dependence on fossil fuels. We could have avoided this entire calamity if the emergence of alternate fuel sources would have hit the main stream production market.



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