Tipper and Al Gore to Separate


I am personally saddened to see a relationship of 40 years end.  As the story goes, the Gores have slowly slipped into separate existences. I hope that they can find a way to rekindle, re-ignite and reinvent the passion they once had for each other.

What is particularly interesting, from a public relations standpoint, is all of the planning and strategizing that must have gone into this announcement long before it became public. I noticed how bland each side’s position is–which makes me wonder:

  1. What are the real issues of the break-up?
  2. If they can agree to disagree, why can’t they agree to agree?
  3. What piece, or pieces of information has the PR person left out?

Because to me, it does not make sense that two people so much in love, who can spend 40 years together, then agree to announce “they just grew apart.” If you recognize that you “just grew apart” then do something to ‘grow back together’, unless of course, there are other significant reasons for the separation, which at this point have gone the ‘undisclosed’ route.  How unfortunate–for the Gore’s and for the PR industry when the ‘real story’ comes out.  Just my opinion…


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