comment 6 – ‘4 tweets that will expose you as a Twitter dork’

Taken from Mashable- I found these ‘dork’ identifiers rather amusing and oh, so true.

 “Here’s one:  I just ate a bagel, some chips and a Dr. Pepper. My tummy hurts.

Why will that tweet make a Twitter dork?  Mashable news editor Brenna Ehrlich and Psychology Today news editor Andrea Bartz explain:

First, you said tummy.


Third,you’re whining, and that’s annoying.

 They shared a few suggestions for making this type of tweet less annoying plus three more dorky
tweets and their fixes…”

I was reflecting on this very topic  just this past week as I was working on my “Twitter week” assignment, and how very difficult it was to find Tweets to comment on or to retweet because, sadly,  most of the tweets were personal in nature.  Mostly, John Q. public does not really care what your social plans are, what TV show you are watching or what you’re having for dinner.  No offense intended, but in my humble opinion there is pleasure and there is work, there is professional and there is personal–they do not mix.

While I am still on that tangent, I also am frustrated when I receive 20+ tweets a day from the same person.  I think I can say with pretty much certainty, nobody really wants to hear every random thought that goes through ones mind. Sometimes less is more.   Now, I am no expert–far from it, but in my opinion, personal tweets and multiple, random thought tweets per day, just clutter the tweety box, making it difficult to see things that may have some substance, value or importance. 

Thoughts, opinions, feelings and personal and social activities are important and highly valued, but aren’t there some kind of ethical or consideration issues being violated here?    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest…any comments? How do you feel about it?

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