Week 7 T.O.W. – PR / Marketing Podcasts

I listened to several PR Podcasts that were available on iTunes from The Creative Career; interviews Allie Osmar did with various guests, promoting their books.  There were two that were particularly interesting and most informative.  Sandy Jones-Kiminski, who has a marketing and business development background,  authored I’m at a Networking Event-Now What???  On the podcast she discussed how to appropriately network at an event, how to get started  networking, and the extreme importance of follow-up after the event.  She provided good tips about making yourself approachable, helpful and available; the various reasons people go to networking events; and the behaviors to avoid.

The other interview that was of particular interest was with Roger Weller whose topic was “What’s the difference between PR and Advertising?”  Actually, I’m not sure he clarified the differences, but he talked about how brands have to be three-dimensional: it has to be consistent, relevant and advance relationships between the business and the audience.

I was more fascinated by his natural progression through the years from being in traditional advertising for 15 years to becoming a journalist and how that opened doors for him to do copywriting and led to his becoming a creative director.

In general, I think that any way that you can expand your knowledge base is good.  Podcasts are one way to accomplish this. Most of them are free, except for your time to listen and to digest them.  Listening to podcasts is an easy way to get an overview of topics that interest you, so that you can decide if you want to delve even further into learning more on the subject. Podcasts have the convenience of being able to be downloaded onto your iPod and listened to as you drive to/from school or work, during lunch breaks or whenever you have some free time and are away from your computer. 

To summarize some of the benefits of listening to podcasts, is that there is a wide variety of choices on topics that are of interest, they are free, they can save you time and money not having to attend workshops or pay for conferences or books that may not interest you after all. If you find after listening for a few minutes, that you are not as interested in the topic or the person, as you thought you might be, you can easily click off and move to something more appropriate.  And, for me, I enjoyed learning about the interpersonal aspects of how individual interests,  jobs and careers led each person to their chosen field of expertise.

Source:  TheCreativeCareer.com


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