T.O.W. Week 8 – News Release Tips

1. News releases should announce your news. Do not use news releases to try to make a sale.

2. Grab the readers’ attention with a strong heading and first sentence.  Use strong action verbs.

3. Stick to the facts. Tell the truth. Honesty is always the best policy. It builds credibility.l Avoid exaggerations, embellishments and hype.  Do not use exclamation points to get your point across!!!

4. Avoid jargon. Jargon is language that is specific to certain professions, groups or organizations.  Using jargon outside the confines of the specific group is inappropriate to general readership.

5. Tie your news to current events or social issues.  If possible develop a human interest story.

6. Always use proper grammar and correct spelling.  Edit,  and re-edit.  Do not rely on spellcheck applications.

7. NEVER USE ALL CAPS. Using all caps is rude.  It signifies yelling. Text with all caps is also harder to read.

8. Develop your story as you would like it told.  Address it to the media. Answer the questions Who?, What?, Where?, Why? and How? in the first paragraph.  Use a journalistic style format to tell your story in a pyramid format.

9. Use proper formatting: double space, white paper, black ink, one page.

10. Choose your distribution points. Decide where you will distribute your news release.  Will it be for radio?newspapers? Website? Discussion boards? Will it go to reporters? Broadcasters? Determine who you want to reach and what the best medium will be  to reach them. Perhaps it will be a combination.

Additionally, always include your contact information: name, company name, location, telephone numbers, any fax numbers, email address. Write a short one-paragraph bio about your company, the services you provide, the products you offer and a brief history about the company–perhaps your company philosophy and standards.

Let people know how you are different, unique or stand apart from other companies offering the same products and services.  What can you tell people that will drive them to your company?

Sources: www.prweb.comwww.wagingpeace.org


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