Police subdue Starbucks patron

Comment #1

Clearly, Rosenthal was out of line, rude, overbearing and probably exhibited barbaric tendencies; however, I would think that the easiest way to resolve the matter without further disruption would have been to hand over the bagel as ordered. Butter and cheese could have been set on the side for the taking, whether used or not.
I think what may not have been said in this story is the reaction of the barista. I think he or she probably over-reacted and it became a personal issue. When dealing with the public, it is never a personal issue.
PR junkie
Comment #2
President Obama’s mouth says he is a Christian; however, his public image and actions say he is not. If he were really a Christian he would have supported The National Day of Prayer–a national Christian tradition, and he would have attended it–not cancelled it. And if his argument that Muslims have equal right to have their mosque wherever they want, then it should also be equally right for Christians to celebrate their National Day of Prayer with The White House blessing.  Christians encompass Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Catholics and others; the exceptions are the Jewish, Muslims and others.  What do you think?
Source:  Christianitytoday

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