Becoming a Persuasive Writer

Three  interesting points or things learned: (Chapter 2 – PRCA3330)

1. Ethical PR Advocates avoid:

  • falsehoods
  • misrepresentation
  • misrepresenting consequences
  • unsupported emotional appeals
  • irrelevant evidence to support arguments or claims
  • advocating something you don’t believe in
  • concealing true purpose

2. To be an effective PR writer one needs to understand how individuals respond to messages.  Recipients of communication want to be entertained, informed, or alerted to opportunities that can fulfill their needs.  In other words, people respond to messages that get their attention and that can meet their needs.

3.  Rhetoric is the science of persuasion using truthfulness, authenticity, respect, social responsibility and equity (not playing upon the vulnerabilities of a person’s lack of knowledge on a subject.)


Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques by Dennis L Wilcox


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