Which Social Media do you currently use?

Week 1 –

I participate in Facebook and Twitter and blog through WordPress. I use Facebook primarily for social interaction to connect with family, friends and new acquaintances.  I had both a personal and professional Twitter account, but found that it was far too time consuming to keep up with everything.  I therefore discontinued my personal Twitter account and use Twitter to interact on a professional level only.   I also used to be on LinkedIn, but again found that in order to keep up with everything I would have to spend far more time than I had, and decided to drop that account as well.

Many people on Facebook use a variety of applications to play games, send hugs or hearts or other novelties, as well as send little notes about the activities of their day.  When I first began with Facebook it was fun to find long lost relatives and friends and connect with them.  I also got involved with Farmland and spent many hours planting crops, raising chickens and cattle, sending gifts to other players and reaping harvests. It too, was fun, but the time came when it began to feel as though I was on a real farm because if you didn’t get your crops harvested in time, everything dried up and died, and there were always little balloons over all of the animals heads saying that they were ready to milk or wool to be sheared or eggs to be gathered.  It was never-ending.  It became too reminiscent of the summers I’d spent on my grandmother’s farm and all of the work that had to be done, so after a few months of that, I gave that up too.

But Twitter, I find is a bit easier to handle.  I can read through the posts others write and/ or write a sentence or two of my own without too much difficulty.  Although I do try to make everything that I write of some value to someone on a PR level.  I try to find things that are interesting to me or educational in some way.  I like that I can offer something in that way, whether anyone chooses to read it or not.


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