Why are comments important to blogs and advice on writing them

Week #3 –

9/5/10  by publicrelationswriter | Edit

Blog comments are an integral part of a blog since a blog  is an interactive form of communication.  It allows for a sense of community with others in the blogosphere.  Blogs that encourage and make leaving a comment easy get more comments; getting more comments can increase your readership and attract search engines and RSS readers through the use of key words.

Effective blogs allow trackbacks, which helps increase your blogs linkedness and search engine ranking. With trackback capability you can leave a comment about someone else’s blogpost on your blog; post the link and hit publish.  The blog platform scans all of the links in every post so that when someone discusses your blog, you will get a notice and a link to that site.  It enables you to see who is commenting on your posts and what they are saying.  It also links your blog to theirs.

In WordPress an easy way to do this is:

  • Go to options
  • choose discussions
  • check the box ‘attempt to notify any weblogs linked to/from the article.’ (for sending trackbacks).
  • check the box: ‘allow link notifications from other weblogs (to receive trackbacks).  www.problogger.net

Make comments that are open-ended, which allow room for others to make comments as well. Ask questions, provide information, write useful and unique content, start debates to create interaction (while avoiding hot topics and controversial issues) be entertaining and/ or educational in your comments, all of which invites additional comments.

Use Google reader or other RSS reader to organize links.  Whenever you find a blog with good page ranking and do-follow comments, join its RSS feed.  Making five comments a day will improve your rating profile, which in turn will draw more readers. www.seohosting.com

When leaving comments on others blogs, add something significant to the discussion–not just ‘great comment.’  Adding value to the discussion will get you noticed by the blogger and his readers, which could also attract more readers to your blog.  www.ehow.com


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