Cleaning your Copy

Week #4


The interesting thing about the NewsU website and its available online courses is that the courses are geared toward journalists and people who write, such as bloggers who want to brush up on their grammar, punctuation and style skills. This particular course gave me a pre-test to see where I was weak and what my strong points were.  Following that, the course  was geared around my particular areas of need, which I found to be quite helpful because for me, it is a waste of time to go over material that is redundant and boring because it offers no challenge.

For instance, I learned when to use that or which; when to use who or whom and how to use lay or lie.  Punctuation seems to be my weak spot. I tend to want to use commas in excess. Personally, I like dashes.  When I write, I like to emphasize with dashes. However,  I liked this course because it was not too difficult, it was self-directed and self-paced and easy to follow.  The course gives some text to read, then provides examples to show context, then supplies an opportunity for you to test your knowledge on the material just covered. And the nice part about it is that you get an immediate response as to whether your answer is correct or not.

I liked this course and would like to take other courses of its kind, to brush up on technique, skill and knowledge. The course allows you to start and stop whenever you wish and even to come back to it at a later time if you do not want to finish it in one sitting, which is a definite convenience.

This course was free. Others may have a price attached to them–I did not peruse those. I did not look into costs, but it may be worthwhile to do so depending on the course and what you want to accomplish.


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