Editorial Calendar

Blog Editorial Calendar
Name: Linda Silfies
Blog Name: Public RelationsWriter
Week Of:
Monday 8/16 Reading Notes(RN): Get Organized to Write, C1 Blog Comments (BC) TOW- none
Monday 8/23 TOW-Grammar Girl
Monday 8/30 RN: Become a Persuasive Writer C2 BC, TOW-Why BCs
Monday 9/6 Clean your Copy TOW
Monday 9/13 RN: Avoid Legal Hassles C3 BC, TBA TOW
Monday 9/20 RN: Find/Make News, C4 PR Connection, Newsworthy TOW
Monday 9/27 RN: Write News Release, C5 BC, Twitter TOW
Monday 10/4 RN: Prep Factsheets/Advisories C6, PR Connection, BC,       Lead Lab TOW
Monday 10/11 Rn: Create News Features & Op-Eds C7, BCs, OpenMic Tow
Monday 10/18 RN: Select Publicity photos/Graphics C8, PR Connection      BCs, TOW Site stats
Monday 10/25 Rn: Write for TV/Radio C9, BCs, TOW- infographics
Monday 11/1 RN: Get Along W/Journalists C10/11, PR Connection, BCs, PR Podcasts TOW
Monday 11/8 RN: Tapping the Web & news Media C12, BCs, TOW crazy Journ. list
Monday 11/15 RN: Writing Emails, Memos, Proposals C14, PR Connection BCs, TOW: 5 steps mm story
11/22 Happy Thanksgiving,     Social Media News Release
11/29 Blog due,     Top 10 list/new blogger
12/6 Final Exam

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