Comment #8- In response to Paris Hilton’s alleged cocaine

It’s a shame that someone as beautiful and wealthy as Paris Hilton–someone who could do anything with her life that she would want to do that would have purpose and value and/or help others, chooses instead to drink, party, use nose candy and smoke weed. She’s 29. Shouldn’t she be getting over the “life is all about me” phase?  It’s laughable that she thinks the whole world is as gullible as she is senseless. The last time she faced jail, she toted a Bible around for the media to photograph. Was that a PR stunt? While I do not wish to pass judgment, I do think she has made some pretty bad choices and does not take responsibility for them–“it’s not my cocaine–it’s my best friend’s–you know, the one who lent me the purse!” Okay Paris, if that is true–do you really want to rat out your best friend? Hello? Anybody home?

Source: caitbailey, foxnews and cbsnews


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