Judge Napolitano: Why The Patriot Act is Unconstitutional.

Comment#10 – in re: PR in the Whitehouse

Thank you for publishing this YouTube Video and other political data on your website. It is absolutely frightening to know that our freedoms are slowly being eroded right before our eyes and we have become so complacent that we either cannot see it or simply do not care; or perhaps we do not know what to do about it. In any case, I think educating yourself is wise. Know what is going on in the political arena, who is voting for what and don’t vote just to vote–vote because you have done your homework and you know what the candidates stand for and who is going to do the best job to uphold our constitutional rights. We can’t do anything about Bush, but we can make more informed, educated choices in the future.

“Post 9/11 2001 was the climax of a political experiment that has been in progress since 1871 (The Columbia Organic Act).  The institution of the “Protect America Act” later known as the Patriot Act, was a voted on in congress in a rushed and fearful manner.  Almost unanimously, congress passed the bill, believing it to be in the interest of the American Public’s safety. Sometimes PR can work out of the ashes of another firm.  While the Bush administration was pushing for an entirely unconstitutional act in congress, some senators were researching the gravity of the bill.  Ron Paul, a recent candidate for the Presidency, has promoted a campaign which involves restoring the rights of Americans.  He often uses the flagrant abuse of power, by the current governmental branches, as an antithesis to what government should mean in the United States of America.  Hopefully his PR team is experienced.  Having a Justice on your side doesn’t hurt. Please take a little time to view this video.  Even if you aren’t exactly interested in politics, I think it’s important to understand which freedoms you are sacrificing in the name of your safety.”

Source: Kison15, YouTube


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  2. Kison15 PRCA-2330
    Sep 20, 2010 @ 18:49:43

    Thanks for your comment. I am happy to have relayed some valuable information. Though a number of great minds have endured centuries of cynicism towards the American Lehman, there seems to have been a recent eruption in general political awareness. I am not bitter towards the public. It’s hard to research the finer details of political mischief on the internet. In 2010, credible sources are rarer than honest politicians. People have a hard enough time maintaining a family, without having to keep their watchful eye on the government.

    The easiest way to aggravate the American public is through it’s wallets. The economy is in the toilet: education is abound. What will you tell your grandchildren you did during The Patriot Movement?



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