Bishop Eddie Long Allegations

comment #18 – In RE: Bishop Eddie Long by Kendranichelle

Every criminal denies their guilt for as long as they can. The truth eventually comes out. It appears the boys were under the impression they were the “only ones” Long “favored,” and when they found out otherwise, they became enraged and that’s when the story unfolded. Long allegedly began have relations with the boys when they were 15/16–they are now 20/21. So for 5 years he took them on trips and bought one of the boys a Ford mustang. These boys were caught in a spider’s web. They trusted a man who was supposed to be their spiritual leader. They enjoyed the attention and gifts he lavished on them.  It’s possible they could be exaggerating the facts and retaliating because they see their “gift horse” now lavishing attention on others and they fear rejection. No one knows the truth or the motivations–yet. “But be sure your sins will find you out.”

I watched Long’s address to his congregation. At the end of it–he stormed off. To me that is not the act of an innocent man. If these boys are completely innocent, they have done an extremely brave thing to expose a man who has 25,000+ followers–followers who want to believe every word he has to say. These boys have a long road ahead of them, I wish them peace and strength and justice.

Source: AJC, kendranichelle


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