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Typically, the site stats page goes virtually unnoticed and undetected; but behind the scenes it is a powerhouse of information. I have copied my blog stats as a reference for you. As you will notice, it tells me the total number of views my blog has received since its inception, what the busiest day was and how many views I had today. Also of interest, it tells me how many posts I’ve made and how many comments I’ve received.  Take a look:

Blog Stats

Summary Tables

Total views:1,074

Busiest day:53 — Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Views today:10






Email Subscribers

Blog:0 active

Comments:1 subscriber, 1 subscription

Blog Shares



Akismet has protected your site from 92 spam comments.

I think this is all rather amazing. At the flick of a mouse, I can determine what is drawing people to my site, what they are commenting on and from that decide what kinds of posts are most beneficial.

Public relations professionals monitoring their own or their company’s blog would also benefit from knowing the same information. By adding tags to your posts, your posts draw the attention of those interested in those topics. You can then determine according to the tags on the days with the highest hits, what some of the most popular topics are and deliver what the people want.  Companies can use blogs to educate, market, increase sales, and to improve customer service.

I personally have no interest in marketing. I am more interested in sharing helpful information and posting articles that will be of benefit to others. If I can do that in some small way, then my blog will have served its purpose and I will be satisfied.


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