Steve Jobs needs to make an apology!

comment #17 – In RE: “Leave Us Alone” by AliciaMD

In general I would like to say that I enjoyed surfing on your blog. I especially liked the coloring and the lay-out. It has a fresh, classic feel to it. Posts are easy to find and there are plenty of pictures to capture attention.

Specifically, I would like to comment on this post. I was too was shocked that Steve Jobs would react to anyone the way that he did to the student. I think it was totally unprofessional, rude, arrogant and disrespectful. And I think Mr. Jobs needs to make an apology.  In addition, wouldn’t we all make a very loud statement if we boycotted Apple products for a day–a week, a month?  How fast would he climb down from his high horse then?

Source: Aliciamd


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