Brand Recognition

comment #20 – In RE: “Do You Know Your Brands” by Briannaow

This is a very interesting article. I noticed that half of these companies originate from the United States (50 out of 100).  What I also noticed is that there is not one company from China, yet everything we pick up to purchase is labeled “made in China,” which means the company may be an American company, yet they outsource everything–give China, Taiwan & India work that should be going to Americans. American companies should support the American worker. I wonder…Do German companies make their products in the US? I assume (I do not know this for fact) that they keep their work in their country to support their people–which to me seems right and makes sense.  I know this observation is a little off your intended topic of brand recognition, but this is what occurs to me when I think of brand recognition and “American Companies.”

Source; Briannaow, Best Global Brands


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