Exposing short-sighted, narrow-minded, serpent-tongued ninnys

comment #21 – In RE:  “Three Types of Comments You Can (& Should) Delete by Misslowoodward

Your article and commentary regarding blog comments and what one should delete took a pretty straight-forward, common-sense approach. In the commentary you summarize the three types of comments that should be deleted: Personal attacks, vulgar and offensive remarks and spam. While do agree that vulgar and offensive remarks and spam should be removed, I disagree that personal attacks should be removed, however. The reason I disagree is because personal attacks say more about the person making them than the person to whom they are directed.  For instance, if you write something I do not like and call you a short-sighted, narrow-minded, serpent-tongued ninny–does that statement reflect on your character, or mine? And so I say–why not allow it on your site? It will expose the short-sighted, narrow-minded, serpent-tongued ninny who wrote it.

Source; Misslowoodward


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