Green beans and snakes don’t go together

comment #22 – In Re: “Is that what I think it is? by Grooverpr

OMG!I would have freaked out. To say that I strongly dislike snakes would be an understatement. To find one, or even part of one in my dinner would be incomprehensible. I cannot even imagine that. It’s interesting to note that prior to an attorney getting involved the company, Pictsweet, offered Jamison $150. but after legal counsel, they no longer took responsibility. Don’t you just love attorneys? They can take a simple matter and complicate it in 2 seconds or less. The article states that Jamison did not want the money, but it did not state what she did want…that is curious to me. What did she want? Perhaps Pictsweet determined that Jamison was going to sue the pants off of them and that is why they now claim no liability and offer no comment.

Source: Grooverpr, FoxNews


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