The Language of Image

NewsU provides self-directed, free courses to help journalists, writers and photojournalists improve their skills. The course I took this week The Language of Image provided a great deal of how-to information on taking photos that speak volumes. Photographs can be:

  • informational
  • active
  • passive

Informational photos have no story-telling qualities; they are merely a visual record of a person, place or event.

Active photos show real people in real time in the middle of  real events.

Passive photos are basically people posing for the photographer.

Photos can be taken using:

  • single elements
  • multiple elements
  • a different approach

Some single element features might include capturing:

While Multiple elements would include capturing one or more single elements in a photo.

The Different Approach is capturing the same event but from different perspectives. For example: the birth of a baby can be photographed from the mother’s perspective, with her as the focus of the picture, or the angle of the raw emotions of the new father.

The course was easy to follow, understand and complete. At the end you can test your retention of the material presented by choosing the correct elements of the pictures displayed. The self-test gives immediate feedback so you know what you got right, wrong or answers you missed; and provides feedback for additional information.

I think these courses are worth the time it takes to complete them to give you a better understanding of how to capture a picture that grabs a reader’s attention.

Source: NewsU


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