Newspapers disappearing…

comment #24 – In RE: “Print is Disappearing???” by Victoria Evans

I’ve enjoyed wandering around on your site. The blog theme is pleasing and pink is my favorite color. But more than that, it is a soothing place to browse. Your articles are well written, interesting and have just enough graphics embedded in them to add to the information, visual appeal or entertainment.

I agree that it is sad that newspapers are slowing going out, but when I consider that I can get the news headlines on my homepage and can click on any that I choose and have the full story, without cost, in seconds, I can understand why. A downside to newspapers is that once you’ve read it you have to dispose of it. A tree has given its life for it and it ends up either in the trash or the recycle bin. But really, how many people recycle?
To me the thing that is sadder still is that books are going south as well. And I for one, would actually prefer to hold a book in my hand to read it, bend back the pages when I pause and store it on my bookshelf for future reference. I hope we can keep books alive for a long, long time.

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