Social Media News Release?

Source: realwire

There are a couple of differences between the traditional and social media news release, which are:

  1. Brevity. Social media news releases (SMR) should contain fewer than 200 words, as compared to traditional’s 400 words.
  2. Format. Traditional format is double spaced; the new SMR should be on top half of computer screen so journalists do not have to scroll.
  3. SMRs include videos, audio and hyper-links.
  4. Social media tags are used to circulate content.
  5. SMRs utilize all the tools, all the time.

SMRs are used primarily for major events and to launch products.

Social Media News Release Template


Template Source: Shift Communications









PR-Squared, copyblogger, and Social Media Training are websites that can provide additional information on the topic.


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