Top Ten Reasons to Blog

1. Blogging for me is a commitment to share articles I find helpful or insightful. I’m always on the lookout for positive enrichments to share, or current trends in the field.

2. Blogging is creative expression. Creativity plus productivity equals success (lateralaction.)  See your creative inspiration opportunities everywhere–through things you read, people you meet, experiences you have, and places you go.  In all of those areas there is a myriad of opinions you form, interesting things you’ve learned–share them.

3.  Blogging is fun–enjoy yourself. People blog for a variety of reasons, whether for personal connections, business connections, to gain insight, to share information or just because.  Discover your reason and discover yourself.

4.  Blogging provides experience.  Most bloggers are amateurs.  Recognize that everyone has to start somewhere.  The more you blog–the better you will become.  It’s like anything else you learn to do.  No one begins a music career,  without first hitting a few flat or off-key notes.  The same may be true with blogging.  But making mistakes is part of the learning process.

5.  Blogs are interactive.  Blogging allows you to start conversations, encourage participation, and add comments to others’ blogs.

6. Track others of like interests.  Pay attention to what they are saying.  For me, my areas of interest are public relations professionals, positive thinkers, and writers (not necessarily in that order.) I enjoy seeing what people in those fields have to say and how they are saying it.  I learn from their expertise, information and style.

7. Keep your communications open, honest and accurate.  When you share information, make sure it is truthful, current and helpful.  Cite your sources of information and references you’ve made.  Give credit where credit is due.

8. Blogging encourages professionalism by forcing you to monitor correct spelling, punctuation, typos and grammar usage–spell checker does not catch everything.

9. Blogging becomes a daily habit. Write posts, make comments, track others or just listen and observe, but actively participate in some manner every day, to stay connected and informed.

10. Blogging helps you put aside all of the procrastinations, hesitations and every other ‘ation’ you can come up with and Just Do It! You will find a new and exciting world out there waiting for your input and insights.

When I first started blogging I was overwhelmed trying to learn everything–the program, how to connect with people, who to connect with, what I would say, and then anxiety struck as I thought about the what ifs…What if I say something stupid, what if I offend someone, what if no one cares about what I have to say…But guess what? I did say some stupid things (I said some things then that I would not say now), I offended a couple people, and I discovered that the world didn’t come crashing down.  In fact, before my very eyes, much to my surprise, people started to follow me. I then felt pressure to keep up with my posts so that I could offer something of value. This whole blogging thing has blossomed into something I never expected–but it is an avenue for me to write, people seem to take notice, and I have gotten lots of positive feedback, which is great encouragement for me.  So in short–just do it–you’ll love it! I do!!


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