Music video from one of my favorite artists

I like Willie Nelson because he is a down-to-earth, man-next-door kind of guy.  He is unpretentious and unspoiled by his fame.  He works tirelessly not only with his concerts, but also for Farm Aid.  I have seen him in concert many times and have met him in person.   I was impressed by his mild manner and his accessibility.

There is not a dull moment during his concerts.  He does not have a warm-up band, nor does he take a break or have an intercession in the middle of his concert.  He sings from start to finish; the last song is as strong and heartfelt as the first.  He connects with his audience in a friendly, compassionate way; signs autographs at the end and makes his concert an event that leaves you wanting more.

I enjoy his raspy voice and laid-back manner.   This song is a sweet, sentimental reminder not to take the one you love for granted, whether there is someone in your life now, or will be in the future.

Love is in my future; when he arrives, we will love without regret.  Do the same–love like there is no tomorrow…Make every day count.


source: YouTube


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