The Power of Words

This video speaks for itself, but it reminds me:

1.  Not to be so busy that I overlook those around me who may be in need, whether it is a need for a listening ear, a comforting touch, a word of encouragement or a helping hand.

2.  Doing little things for someone else matters.  That ‘little’ thing that I do may very well be the ‘only’ help that they receive.

3. Be kind…a kind word, a thoughtful act…I have something everyone needs–a warm smile.

Life is difficult.  Everyone has problems–some big, some small, but all troublesome just the same.  If I have reached the end of my day and have made someone smile–even laugh, lifted spirits, inspired, strengthened, motivated or encouraged in some small way and helped to make someone feel appreciated, valued and supported, then even if I never make huge accomplishments or win awards, I will have fulfilled my purpose–to love unconditionally without thought of return.  Pass it on…

source: YouTube

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