Where Was God? A 9/11 Reflection

This September 11th was the tenth anniversary of the devastating events surrounding the World Trade Center in New York City,  The Pentagon and  a hijacking in Pennsylvania.  Every television station broadcast  story after story, and interview after interview  with the families of those who perished.  Spouses shared their emotional stories of what it was like during those last telephone conversations.  Survivors told graphic, gut-wrenching details about their harrowing experience, which most of us can only partially assimilate. Firefighters and EMTs on the scene went into the buildings to rescue those trapped within, knowingly risking their own lives–heroes.

I watched with horror scenes I had never seen before and listened to stories that broke my heart.  Interviewees struggled to keep from crying ten years post trauma; I cried with them, unable to imagine the terror, anguish and helplessness they must have felt.  The events of 9/11 shook people to their core.  Everything they believed in came crashing in around them.  A common thread that ran through many of their stories was the question, “Where was God? Why did He allow this? Why didn’t He stop it? Why my husband, my wife, my child, or my mother or father?  Why God, Why?”  Many still do not have answers only memories of better times, and deep, abiding pain.  Many of the interviewees angrily blamed God for this destruction and their losses, vowing never to forgive Him.

But what if it wasn’t God’s doing?  What if all those who died that day were heroes,  along with the firefighters and EMTs?  What if  God used every single person who gave their life on 9/11, to fortify America?  Think about it….prior to 9/11 we did not have Homeland Security.  Prior to 9/11 we mistakenly thought we were invincible.  What if God used a horrific situation, plotted by Mr. Evil himself, to show us where there was a break in our armor, so we could be made strong?  What if those that died gave their lives to make America more secure? If that is true, then they are not victims; they are heroes!. ….   What do you think?

I humbly thank every person who gave their life that day for my sake and for the sake of our country.  Thank you! I would like to say thank you also to each of their families who gave up so much. May God richly bless you.


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