Never Give Up…Receive your blessing

I’ve  had to call ATT every month for the last year with billing issues.  Each month I dreaded the envelope’s arrival because I knew it would mean another upsetting morning and more time working through the automated system and being on hold than I really wanted to spend.  Today was no different.

I was on ‘the call’ 35 minutes before requesting a supervisor the first time.  Most of that time was spent waiting for the representative’s “computer to work,” or while she read my file, or to research reasons for the sudden increases, or she was “speaking with her supervisor,” but for me the supervisor was ‘unavailable.’

Each time she came back on the line, she addressed me using my first name.  Call me spoiled, but I have come to appreciate the respect with which Southerners speak—yes, ma’am, no ma’am, give me a moment ma’am, I’ll be happy to help you with that.   None of that was in her vocabulary.   Silently I prayed for help because we were going nowhere.  She was argumentative and I was beginning to feel my level of frustration rise.

When she returned with a laundry list of illogical explanations, I again requested to speak to a supervisor.  This time I was told she could return my call within 24 to 48 hours.   I thanked her, knowing I would probably never receive a return call.

But I was not to be deterred.  I dialed the number again and went through the automated system until I got to the place where talking with a real person was an option.  I told my story again and requested help.  This time I was met with a Southern gentleman–a young man who spoke kindly and addressed me respectfully.  Without question, or argument, he responded to my questions, quickly summed up the problem and credited my account.

This experience taught me I can allow frustrations to irritate me, or I can choose to see them as potential blessings in disguise.  The credit I received on my account was greater than I had requested or had hoped.

I was also reminded to never give up—not to allow frustrations to get in the way or keep me from receiving my blessing— persevere until received.

Thanks AT&T.  Until next month…


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