Laws of Attraction?

The laws of attraction state that anything I want I can have if I think it, say it and believe it.  Wait a minute…so in theory I have the power and ability to project anything I want on my life and it’s mine? Likewise then, if I have not projected good things on my life and bad things happen–then its my fault?  Let me see if I understand this…I am all-powerful and can think into existence  anything I want?  Hmmm…I wonder what God thinks about all of this.  What part does He play in our lives then? Wait…What is that sound I hear?  Oh yes, I think it’s the sound of God laughing Himself uproariously off of His throne.  I can almost hear Him say “Those foolish humans–they think they have the last word.”

I am all for positive thinking, but let’s give credit where credit is due, shall we?


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