Hoax, Greed, Ratings?

video source:YouTube

What could have happened in 72 days that would cause Kim Kardashian to run to her attorney’s office to file for divorce?  Did he cheat on her? Did he beat her? Didn’t he pick up his socks? Did he have bad table manners?  He snores? What??

I’ve read that Kardashian sold the rights to her wedding for $17.9 million. The wedding cost a reported $10 million.  Nice profit–say ‘I do’ for 72 days and earn $7.9 million, just for starters.  Now that it is over, there is the probability that the media will clamor for that tell-all exclusive interview and will pay her extraordinary amounts of money for it.

Then there is the theory that she did it for ratings on her reality show.  Reality shows love drama.  Drama makes money.

Frankly, this whole thing irks me.  How hard does one try in 72 days? How much money does one need? How good do ratings have to be? And for how long? What will she do next? —remarry him in a dramatic turn of events for greater ratings?

What happened to love, commitment, til ‘death do us part’?  I did everything possible to make a tumultuous, unhappy, loveless, boring, rotten marriage work for 20+ years before I said, ‘okay, I’ve done everything I could, I can’t do this anymore’.  I didn’t stay for monetary benefits–there were none; no promise of reality show ratings income, and no financial gain from TV interview offers.  No. It’s called commitment.  But then that’s just me.


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