Really ATT?

This is my experience with ATT and their customer service:

1.  As previously noted, I have had to call them every month for the last year with billing issues; mostly because they did not bill at the rate they promised.  I have come to believe they were hoping I would tire of their shenanigans and just pay them.

2. Recently I cancelled my phone service with them for a variety of reasons: Primarily for reasons a & b; secondarily for c & d.

a.  rising prices for less service

b.  to avoid those pesky monthly billing calls to ATT to correct mistakes, where I would be on the phone at a minimum of 30 minutes working my way though their phone maze to get to real people; then it was a coin toss as to whether they could or would help me or if I had to make another call and/or speak to another rep to find resolution.

c.  to finally rid myself of  bill collectors who called all hours of the day and night looking for whomever had the number before me.  I was so plagued by it that if whomever was calling did not say my name, it did not register with me who they were asking for–even if I had them repeat it a time or two–I was too battle weary.  Was this ATT’s fault? I can’t say for certain, but isn’t it possible they could have given me a number that had time to cool off first?

d.  and since I am relatively new to town, and know no one, most of the other calls I received were either wrong numbers, hang-ups, or marketing calls.   Combined with everything else, I was at the point where John Morgan says in some of his ads “Enough is enough.”

3.  When I asked to have my phone cancelled, the rep transferred me to the retention department.  The retention rep offered me a lower monthly rate, which I refused simply because I’d had enough.  I’d rather have good service without hassles than a cheaper rate.

At that point the retention rep cancelled my phone service.  Did he advise me that because I also have DSL service with them that the DSL-internet service would also be cut off?    NO, he did not.    Because he did not advise me, it took about five phone calls to get an explanation and a promise for reinstatement of DSL service.  By the way, I was promised next day reinstatement, which did not happen.

When Mr. retention rep cancelled my phone service, if he was looking out for his customer’s best interest, he would have at the same time put in an order for reinstatement of my DSL service.  He did not.  Consequently, I did not have phone service or internet service for a week and a half.  Moreover, if Mr. retention really wanted to help his ATT customer, he could have left my phone service intact until the service people could come to my home to disengage the phone line and make it a dedicated DSL line–he did not.

Why did it take a week and a half to reinstate my DSL since everything was already hooked up and operating previously?   I was told a service tech had to physically come to my place.  Secondly,  ATT’s first priority was not with present customer care, but with installing U-verse for new customers. I had to take a number at the back of the line.

So you decide… what do you think ATT thinks of their customers?


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