Life Changes

Recently I’ve been admonished by a reader of my blog, that I was wasting my intelligence by relying on videos to get my points across when I should be writing more.  Point well taken.  With that in mind, I’d like to share my post-holiday reflections.

What I have discovered is that the only thing we can really count on in life, is that life changes; sometimes subtly, and sometimes dramatically.  I have experienced both over the last year or so, as I am sure you have also.

This year for Thanksgiving, I found myself alone in a new city without family or friends to share the holiday.  I prepared a small thanksgiving dinner for one.  In years gone by, there was never a holiday that didn’t find me in the kitchen preparing a feast for all who would gather.  It was tradition. I spent hours shopping for menu items, planning, cooking, baking, and cleaning.  The eve before the holiday I busied myself preparing all the dishes I could make ahead to use time and oven space more efficiently.   The day of the holiday  I was busy with all the final touches, last-minute cooking, decorations,  entertaining and then the clean-up.  By the day after, I was exhausted.

This year I made  new traditions for myself.  Thanksgiving eve I took myself out dancing.  I spent some time listening to music, chatting with those I’ve come to know, and  even enjoyed a glass of wine.  Thanksgiving day there was no time pressure to have dinner on the table at a specific time, so I did not.  I relaxed, enjoyed the day, cooked, ate, and took a nap.   The following Saturday I went to see the fireworks display, which by the way, was the best I have ever seen.  It was like watching them in 3-D.  Three sets of fireworks went off at the same time over the river.  It was beautiful.

Had I been locked into doing things the way I always did them, I’d have missed new experiences.  It’s not in my comfort zone to go places alone or to meet new people,  but somehow when I push myself to go and do, I have a good time.   Life changes.  My life has changed. While I appreciate past traditions,  its time to let them go and  make new traditions.  Sometimes life changes happen to us; sometimes through choice.  However it changes, we get to decide how it will affect us.  I want to discover the joy and happiness that awaits me in my every day living, as I open myself up to it.  I want to make new memories and experience new life.  How about you?


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