Reach Out and Touch Someone

We all have people around us who are elderly, alone, forgotten, hurting, grieving or dealing with any number of life’s problems who would cherish human contact, a caring touch or a simple act of kindness.  Perhaps it is someone in our own neighborhood, or even in our own family with whom we’ve lost contact.

The holidays are a busy time for most people.  Many of us are caught up with shopping, gift buying, social activities, festivities, and/or family gatherings.  However, for many the holidays bring feelings of loneliness, sadness, memories of happier times, depression, or remembrances of lost loved ones.

We will never know what is going on behind those soulful eyes unless we take the time and make the effort to inquire.  A simple, ‘How are you doing?’ might open the conversation.   Perhaps placing a thoughtful phone call, or making an invitation to lunch or dinner, or including someone outside of your circle into your holiday plans in some way, would bring more happiness to a weary life traveler than the most expensive gift.

This holiday season, may we all have more awareness, an open heart and willingness to reach out and touch someone?

I am reminded of St. Francis of Assisi’s prayer:  Lord, make me an instrument of your peace… may it be true in my life.  Here it is in song:    Ig_WDJjydgg


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