Letter from God for Cancer Patients

Letter from God, for Cancer Patients

By Linda Silfies

My Dear Child,


I see your fear and your pain. I know what you are going through. I love you and will be with you every step of the way.   When you think you cannot take another step, call on Me, I will strengthen you.  When you feel afraid, know that I have you by the hand; I will not let you go. I will give you peace and comfort. There is power and healing in My name.  If you can do nothing else, speak My name. My name is Jesus: your healer, protector, provider, and friend. I know what you need and will give it to you.  I am willing to heal you—I want to heal you—just ask—even if you think it is hopeless. Know that nothing is impossible for Me. I created the world. I have all power and wisdom. I know where you are; I know your name; I know how many beautiful hairs you have on your head. I know you intimately, and I love you unconditionally, in spite of your faults, weaknesses and quirks.  You are my beloved.


It is not my will that you suffer. You are not going through this because you did something wrong. I am not punishing you. I came to give you life—not just life, but an abundant life—a life of hope, healing, and happiness.  Trust Me. I will not disappoint you.  If you feel you don’t have enough faith to trust Me, ask of Me and I will even give you the faith you need to believe. I will never withhold any good thing from you. Nothing can separate you from My love.


You are safe in My care. I have built a hedge of protection around you.  Lean on Me. I can bear your weight. Give Me your sorrows and fears. Talk to Me about your troubles. I am always available to hear your cry to Me. I am closer to you than your very breath.

Do not allow negative thoughts to overtake you. Replace negative thoughts, doubts and fears with My promises. My promises are true and sure.  My children go through many trials and have many problems, but I am with them, and I deliver them out of all their troubles.  “All things are possible to him who believes.” “Peace, be still, and know that I am God.”














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