Published articles on abuse and abuse recovery

Three of my stories has been published this month in various magazines. The following link is one of the stories I wrote that the editor of Recover The Self, published on his blog.

Another of my stories, “Free at Last,” is in the Recover The Self Magazine, beginning on page 20, of this month’s issue, if you would like to read it. It is available  in print or Kindle; discounted on their website or through Amazon. 

Recovering The Self is a quarterly journal which explores the themes of recovery and healing through the lenses of poetry, memoir, opinion, essays, fiction, humor, art, media reviews and psycho-education.

The theme of Volume IV, Number 1 is “Abuse Recovery”. Inside, we explore physical, mental, social, and spiritual aspects of this and several other areas of concern including:
* Forgiveness
* Domestic Violence
* Relationships and Couples
* Grieving
* Substance Abuse
* Suicide
* Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
* Adult survivors of child abuse
* Modus Operandi Therapy
* Verbal Abuse  … and much more!

This issue’s contributors include: Jackie Friedrikson, Shaima Ahammed, Bonnie Spence, Sweta Srivastava Vikram, Linda Silfies, Kat Fasano-Nicotera, Candy Czernicki, Holli Kenley, Sam Vaknin, Eva Prohosky, Terri Forehand, Cathy Harris, Barbara Sinor, Maureen Minnehan Jones, Sharon Wallace, Tyler R. Tichelaar, Candide Massocki, Curtesa Richardson, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, and Christine Stark and others.

“I highly recommend a subscription to this journal, Recovering the Self, for professionals who are in the counseling profession or who deal with crisis situations. Readers involved with the healing process will also really enjoy this journal and feel inspired to continue on.
–Paige Lovitt for Reader Views

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Published by Loving Healing Press
Periodicals : Literary – Journal


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