Invitation to Intern

This year has begun with a bang. I’ve had three of my stories published so far, (RTS, Changes in Life)  and now an invitation to do some writing for BitchFlicks as an intern.  I will write monthly film reviews, increase their social media presence, do some research, and revamp their webpage.  All very interesting and exciting.

Here is my BitchFlicks intro:

Monday, January 23, 2012


 Hello, Bitch Flicks readers. My name is Linda Silfies. I have been invited to intern with Bitch Flicks this semester, and am looking forward to this fabulous opportunity. I am a full-time, non-traditional student, at Georgia Southern University in my junior year as a writing and linguistics major, with a concentration in professional writing, and a minor in public relations.
I recently had my first story published in an online and print magazine called, Recovering The Self, which is a journal of hope and healing. My story contribution, titled, Free At Last, was in the area of abuse recovery. My personal goal is to write at least one book of hope and encouragement for abused women.
I also blog at Public Relations Writer, a site I developed, which offers inspiration, education and motivation on a variety of topics. My social media sites include FaceBook and Twitter.
When I am not taking classes, studying, doing homework, or working on my first book, I enjoy music, dancing and of course, movies. My favorite genre of movie would be the social drama—stories that depict a social problem or injustice, the human struggles involved and the outcome that either brings resolution or awareness, such as Lorenzo’s OilPhiladelphiaKramer vs. Kramer, and Titanic. I also enjoy good love stories—not sappy love stories, rather, those that show the heart and soul of humanity—commitment, friendship, romance, happy endings, and a little fantasy–movies that transport me to a world where anything can happen, and everything is good, such as Somewhere in TimeThe NotebookWhite Palace and Serendipity.
Movies have an amazing ability to take parts of everyday life and magnify them to illuminate, entertain, motivate and inspire. I love it when that happens. Meet me at the movies, won’t you?
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