When you know- you know

I have learned over the years to listen more to my gut instincts, perceptions and intuition — I call God talk.  I’m not always good at it, but sometimes you know that you know, without a doubt.  That was the case with the internship I accepted at Bitch Flicks.  I experienced that inner voice telling me that my conservative, soft-spoken, altruistic lifestyle did not mix with their radical feminist viewpoints and was therefore, not right for me.  I tried to push it aside and commit to it since I had agreed to do it; however, no matter how much time I put into it or how hard I tried, the unrelenting feelings I had that this commitment was not right for me not even for a time, continued.  I felt I would have to give up parts of me to write for them.  I could not do it and therefore withdrew my acceptance of their internship.   I believe we sometimes have to make hard decisions, and we are called to be true to our inner voice, gut feelings and intuition–and listen to God talk.

Be encouraged that whatever the decision is that you need to make this day–that you know what to do–just listen.  It’s a much happier and peaceful place.


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