Love is…a Valentine’s Day reflection

Valentine’s Day is a day of love.  It’s a reminder to do something nice for the one that you love. It’s a reminder to get off the fast train of life, and spend some time appreciating and celebrating your love.

Valentine’s Day got me thinking about love–perfect love.   What does a perfect love relationship look like?  What is perfect love?  Here’s my reflection:  Perfect love is faithful, forgiving, tender, respectful, merciful, kind, truthful, loyal, compassionate, long-suffering, patient, generous, supportive, uplifting and encouraging.

Perfect love protects, provides, defends and believes in the other.  Perfect love is trustworthy, helpful, best friends, romantic, thoughtful, affectionate, and does what is best for the other.

Perfect love listens with the heart, and gives freely without thought of return. Perfect love doesn’t keep score. Perfect love is passionate about the other; feels their pain and celebrates their successes.

Perfect love is safe.  It’s where you can let go of your guard because no matter what, your back is covered.

I’ve discovered that the only way we can love like that, is when we allow God’s love to flow through us, because He is the source.  Let your love shine.   Happy Valentine’s Day.



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