Where Are You God?

Where are you God?

by Linda Silfies

Where are you God when I feel blue?

When I feel low and don’t know what to do, where are you?

When I curl up in a ball, overcome by grief, do you watch in disdain, without giving relief?

I wonder sometimes as I look into the sky…

What are you thinking?  Do you ever want people to stop all their chatter?

What makes you happy God? What makes you smile?

When my life seems empty and boring to tears,

I think about what is really important…what defines importance?

Is it important who I am?  What I am like? What I do? What I accomplish?

Is it important or even more important how I treat people?  What do you think?

In the grand scheme of things, I seem to accomplish so little.

I awoke one day realizing I was older; I was wiser; and I wished I had been wiser sooner.

Maybe then I’d have made better choices; been more compassionate; more understanding.  If only…

As I lie quietly pondering, I heard Him say…to me, … to all of us…

Do not worry or fret. I Am right here with you. I have always been right here with you. You are a pink pearl of great value. I am your God, you are my child. As your God, I provide for you. I protect you. I love and value you. You are important.  Your kindness toward others makes me smile; your compassion makes me happy.

As My child I will teach you.  I will lead you and guide you. I will help you and strengthen you. I Am here for you. Call on Me in the day of trouble, I will answer. Talk to me when you are happy, sad, afraid…anytime.  I never tire of you.

You have My heart.  My ear is always turned toward you.  As a mamma eagerly listens for her baby’s cry, so do I listen for you…I love you. I will always love you.  There isn’t anything you can do to make me stop loving you.  Be still, my child and know that I Am God.  There isn’t anything I cannot do.

Thanks, God, I love you too!


image source: GodTalkstoYou


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