Perfect Peace

I happened to see the episode of Happy Days today where Chachi is telling Fonzi he  has a problem and asks for his help to resolve it.  After sharing his story with Fonzi, Chachi asks what can I do?  Fonzi’s reply was, “You asked me for help, now it is my problem. I will take care of it.”

And I thought, Wow!  Isn’t that a beautiful picture of Christ’s love for us?  “Cast all your cares on Me,”   He says, “because I care about you.”  In other words, I love you, bring your cares to me, then what you can do is leave them with me and know that I will take care of it.  You can count on it!

As Chachi walked out of Fonzi’s ‘office,’ he left his cares behind him knowing Fonzi was good for his word.  How much more is God good for His word to us? He promised if we call upon Him, He will answer.  He gave His life for us.  He is on our side. Our part then is to believe Him, to trust Him with it, and walk away confident the answer is on the way–because He said so. No more fretting or worry, just confident trust.


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