I’ve Got You

A recent chiropractic visit had me positioned on the edge of the table, lying on my side with my top knee bent and by arms crossed at my chest. The doctor was about to apply significant force to my top knee that would thrust my body downward toward the floor.  “Don’t worry” he said. “I’ve got you.”

Sudden onset right knee pain three days prior had sent me to bed with an ice pack, thinking that the ice would decrease any inflammation and I would be on my way.    For three days I slept, applied ice, wrapped my knee in an Ace bandage and was confined to my bed.  Trips to the ladies room were carefully evaluated for necessity; challenging and painful.  By the second night I awoke in the middle of the night with tortuous pain, frightened, alone and no one to call for help. I was unable to walk far enough to get to my car for a drive to the ER. I couldn’t call 911–I had no way let anyone in. They would have had to break down the door, setting off my alarm system.

In my darkest hour, tears rolled down my cheeks. “Lord help me,” I cried. “I don’t know what to do. What am I going to do?” Before my tears hit the pillow I was filled instantaneously with calm.  It was as if a lilac scented, Downy softened sheet floated from heaven and enveloped me. My body relaxed, the pain dissipated and I fell asleep.  The next morning I was able to walk well enough to get to the doctor.

When God says, “I will never leave you”, we can count on it. When He says “I will give you my peace,” He means it. And when He says “I’ve got you,” you can believe it.  Even when you feel you do not have anyone or anything to hold on to in your darkest hour–you always have  God–He has you!


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