Judge a book by its cover?

VSrAJsWvEIc  This is an old clip of Britain’s Got Talent.  Isn’t it interesting that in this short clip the audience and the panel of judges prejudge the singing ability of this talent by her appearance?  They begin mocking her before she utters one note, but as she begins singing they are all astounded and she goes on to become the famous Susan Boyle.

I love that video. It is more than a success story. It is a story about how God uses the unlikely and the humble to confound those of us who think that it takes power, money, status and high degrees to make it to the top.  When all the while, all you need is God. He knows the way–He created it.  He blessed Susan Boyle with a remarkable talent; then He put her in the right place at the right time. He took a matronly woman and transformed her life.



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