Follow up on Queries

5 tips for following up on queries

By Susan Johnston
Published: August 6, 2012
You’ve carefully researched the market, polished your query letter, and sent it into cyberspace. Now comes the hard part: waiting. Fortunately, many writers find that a tactful, well-timed follow-up can significantly boost their chances of landing the assignment.

Just ask Steph Auteri, a freelance writer, editor and career coach based in New Jersey, who says, “I’m pretty sure at least 70 to 80 percent of my assignments from stories I pitched were the result of following up.”

Tim Beyers, a Colorado-based freelance writer and financial analyst, agrees, adding that “even the [editors] who know you aren’t likely to respond to your first pitch. They could be handling any number of other assignments when your e-mail lands in their inbox. A quick follow-up can move your idea back to the top of their queue.”

source: WriterMagazine – to see more click here 


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