Quick to listen; Slow to speak

Today’s appointment with my oral surgeon in my old hometown gave me an opportunity to visit the area, enjoy moments in the sun at the beach and notice changes since I left the area. Prior to embarking on the two-hour trip back I decided to stop at what once was my favorite Italian restaurant. The food is genuine Italian, almost like Grandma used to make. There are almost more tables than floor space, which means one can listen to adjacent table conversations without really trying.

During my nearly 90 minute stay a woman at the next table was in a one-sided conversation with her dinner partner. When I looked over–his eyes glazed over as she spoke. At one point there was a 30 second pause when she became silent. He never said a word. As soon as the drone of her voice stopped, I literally looked over to see if she was still breathing. She caught her breath and then was back on track .

I thought about this on my way home–maybe we have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Her conversation made me more aware–to listen with my heart twice as often than I speak.


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