Buckets of Guilt

Have You Forgiven Yourself Today?

As we travel down the road of life we sometimes say or do things without thinking that ultimately hurts others. It was not intended, but the result is the same.

Often  when I am driving, snippets of conversations from days or even years ago flash across my memory banks reminding me of things I’ve said that were less than uplifting. I regret them now, but then it never occurred to me that my words may have been inconsiderate or hurtful. I cannot undo the damage, but I have learned that it is not helpful or even healthful for me to carry guilt from past mistakes. I can and should forgive myself. Others no doubt have long since forgotten it. I alone bear the sorrow.

But the thing I strive to remember is this: I did not come with an instruction manual. I  learn as I go. I acted with the light that was available to me at the time. If I had known to do better , I would have. Carrying guilt for past mistakes is a form of self-punishment. God in His love for us, forgave our every indiscretion–past, present and future. Who am I then to hold on to those things for which He died to set us free? We are free! Free to love–self and others.  Go in peace. Accept your freedom. Don’t let guilt cloud your joy.


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